How to Find Warthunder Activation Codes for Your Account

By virtue of the fact that war thunder has been around for some time, it’s not surprising to come across war thunder activation codes.

Despite the fact that you may have utilized war thunder activation codes before, our guide can help you locate them when needed. So sit back and enjoy!

Find Your Warthunder Activation Codes

If you require a War Thunder activation code for your account, simply click the ‘Show Code’ button on the top-right corner of any game screen; it will generate a unique code that can be inputted during activation.

You may need to go through some process, whether that be entering a survey or downloading an application in order to receive codes but we have you covered all the way! If you do not possess access to third-party software then don’t worry – we offer free links to get started!

Go to the Account Activation Page

If you’re keen on unlocking premium content, it is essential to go through the activation process. To begin with, simply log into your account – which will automatically display on a webpage that contains an entry for this; all that remains is clicking ‘Activate’ in order to obtain access!

If you have any concerns or questions about how to find war thunder activation codes for your account, don’t hesitate – to contact us over chat, email, or telephone!

Copy and Paste the Code Into Your Account Page

Once you have located the activation code, simply copy and paste it into the ‘Enter your key’ box that appears on your account page.

If you encounter any difficulties with this procedure, don’t hesitate to contact customer support – they are available round-the-clock and will happily assist!

Make Note of Your Warthunder Activation Codes

Shortly after activating your account, you’ll be prompted to input an activation code generated by the game client (see above). If you don’t have one readily available, don’t fret: you can request one from us via the contact page or wait for one to be sent to you automatically in the near future!

Don’t forget the codes you obtain; save them for later use if necessary.

Warthunder Activation Codes have Gone Free

Quite often, when an item becomes free or has a demo version available consumers flock to it. This is especially true of games!

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by! Free-to-play titles are absolutely rife with rewards – whether it’s open beta keys or unique in-game items that can set you apart and boost your capabilities on game day.

Get In Now

If you haven’t yet experienced War Thunder’s multiplayer war games, it may be time for you to jump in!

There is never a shortage of opportunities for aspiring enthusiasts and veterans alike. You can start from the bottom of the ranks and work your way up to become an elite pilot or squad leader. To assist this endeavor, we have created several tracks that cater uniquely to your needs depending on which experience level you desire – from novice to elite! Each one offers fun yet challenging content that enables budding aviators and experienced warriors alike to evolve toward becoming Elite pilots in no time at all!

Are you ready to take your gaming prowess to the next level? If so, take the first step by joining our community and selecting one of the following avenues: Veteran, Novice, or Experienced.

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For all who have yet to join the war in Azeroth, air and sea battles on the browser-based MMO are an enticing option.

With War Thunder, you’ll be able to take command of some of World War II’s most iconic aircraft – from advanced fighter jets like the Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-6 and Yakovlev Yak-1B to sleek high-speed reconnaissance aircraft such as the Lockheed P-38 Lightning; along with more modern aerial vehicles such as the Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet!

Those who don’t possess the means or inclination for acquiring a copy of War Thunder can still reap the benefits of two epic free tank packs: Vityaz and T-34/85! Each pack contains a selection of premium vehicles ranging from one Tier VII light tank to one Tier X heavy tank, boasting powerful armaments and unique load-outs that will provide an edge during battle.


Unlocking the permanence of your Warthunder activation codes is a simple process, so get started today!

Discover the best way to gain access to your account from any device by downloading our app. You’ll be able to enjoy all of your Warthunder content in one place!

If you require assistance in locating your activation code, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support team for assistance. They will be pleased to assist with this process and offer any necessary assistance!

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