How to Use the Fidon App or Activate Your Code From Zillow

Are you aware of Fidon? This handy tool is ideal for quickly accessing your home’s fitness code, while also providing access to additional features like an in-depth maintenance log and general knowledge about the property itself.

Fidon provides a convenient way to unlock your fitness code and gain access to its multitude of features.

1. Sign in with Your Fidon App or Zillow Account

It’s time to check in at Fidon, which requires a unique code that can be provided by your app or Zillow account. To obtain yours, simply log in with either method and locate the corresponding entry within that system.

Don’t forget to make sure you’ve registered for Fidon via Zillow in order to achieve maximum convenience – it’s an absolute must!

Once you’re done creating an account with your fit on the app or on Zillow, simply click the Connect button located on this page to proceed.

2. Find the Fidon Code Link

If you’re curious about utilizing Fidon, the quickest way to find out more information about it is by taking a look at our website. Clicking on the link that we provide will take you directly to our app download page for your convenience!

To acquire the code needed for activation, simply choose from any of the options above and follow the straightforward steps provided.

3. Click on the Fidon Code Link to Activate Your Code

If you have not activated your code yet, then simply click on the link provided by Zillow. The app will automatically open and lead you to the activation process; all that is needed is for you to follow the prompts thereafter.

Once your Fidon account has been established, log in to access its portal where you can locate any vacant property within your locality for an upfront fee of just $25.

4. Enter Your FIDON Code

To access your FIDON app, simply enter the unique code that Zillow provided to you into the corresponding field within the app. Alternatively, select “Activate Code” and follow the instructions onscreen – be sure to allow any messages or phone calls requiring further information.

Once activated, check in with your FIDON app – from then on whenever you make a purchase on Zillow’s platforms or websites, payment will be processed securely through Zillow Mortgage.


After your code is activated, you’ll be able to unlock all the home-buying power of your Fidon App or Zillow’s free loan estimator online. But if you forget about that activation code for any reason, don’t fret!

Zillow allows users to activate their codes through a text message. After typing in the unique code and hitting ‘send’, the company will promptly notify you when it’s time to deactivate the app and re-enter it at the next reapplication period (please refer back to Step 4).

For people who are not comfortable using mobile apps, this feature can come in handy as a reminder before leaving your code inactive.

6. Call Support if You Need Help

Don’t be afraid to reach out for assistance if you find yourself stumped; the customer service team at Fidon is ready to assist!

Fidon’s support email address is available in their Help section.


Once you have acquired an agent, it’s time to get started on making an offer. With Zillow’s Offer Assistant, you can create offers quickly and customize them with additional terms.

It’s a simple process that requires little effort on behalf of the seller. For example, you can alter the price, add contingencies or stipulations; specify closing dates; or even instruct your agent to provide additional services such as staging or cleaning services – all of which will help secure the purchase transaction.

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