How to Build a White Label Software Partner Program With Zapier

Creating a white-label software partner program is an effective strategy for startups, allowing them to leverage their brand recognition while maintaining control over its use. By entering into agreements with third-party service providers, founders can offer their customers access to products without having to expend resources on creating them themselves – all while retaining ownership over the resulting revenue stream!

Creating a white-label partner program is an ideal way for startups to capitalize on their brand recognition and gain valuable exposure across multiple channels. This model allows you to profit from your efforts while maintaining complete control over which offerings are made available – all while maintaining ownership of all sales proceeds!

A successful white-label partnership arrangement benefits both parties. For instance, startup X may consider partnering with Y for their software offering Z, which has garnered a positive reputation among users. While X will enjoy greater exposure through association with Y; likewise, Y will reap financial rewards as well as notoriety due to their association with X.

Why do you want to build a white-label software partner program?

Why would you want to create a white-label software partner program?

With this solution, customers will be able to select from predesigned content templates and sign-up forms. This makes it easy for them to start: their brand’s website is already up and running!

For instance, if I were starting a web development business – perhaps specializing in web design services – then I might choose the ‘white label’ option.

Using the White Label Platform, enables users to harness the power of your app without compromising on its functionality or branding.

The White Label Platform allows users to leverage your enterprise applications without having any knowledge of coding.

What is a white-label software partner program?

White label software is a term that refers to client-side software that has been customized for their specific enterprise needs. It allows organizations to design bespoke applications in-house and integrate them into their web portals or intranets with relative ease, thus permitting them to offer these solutions exclusively to clients and customers.

White-label software partner programs are an ideal option for those businesses seeking to both cut costs and remain trendy in the world of digital marketing. By hosting this initiative on Zapier’s platform, your business can make it easy for customers who simply desire simple access to their white-labeled apps – without having to invest any additional cash!

How to build a Zapier white-label software partner program

Are you seeking to cultivate a successful white-label software partner program? If so, it is essential that you take the necessary steps to ensure it succeeds.

Ensure your white-label software partner program is initiated with a clear objective in mind. What do you hope to achieve from this endeavor? Are there any additional goals along the way that could assist in achieving success? Evaluate these things carefully before proceeding – making sure they are congruent with what you desire for your project!

At a first, glance, creating an institutionalized agreement does not seem difficult – yet it can be extremely time-consuming and complex when executed correctly. Ensure that all terms are fully understood by both parties before signing off on anything; after all, nobody wants to enter into an agreement only later realizing that they had no idea what was being asked of them.

1. Start with Zapier + your Zapier username.

To kick off your white-label software partner program, you’ll need to get your hands on a Zapier account. Luckily, this can be accomplished with just one click!

Log in and obtain your Zendesk username. Then, create an organization using the name of your choice. Allow 24 hours for it to materialize before proceeding; otherwise, you may find yourself unable to proceed with this guide. If any issues arise during setup – don’t despair! Just contact Zapier support and they will remedy any issues quickly.

2. Add the “Zap Text” Or “Zap Call” Buttons

In the world of web apps, there’s no shortage of white-label software integration options. Zapier can provide access to these web app integrations via buttons within your own app and website, which can be quite useful if you’re keen on attracting new users with just a click!

For example, we may choose to include a button that allows users to make a phone call to our customer service team. When they click this button within their interface, a telephone number will automatically pop up along with an option for dialing it directly from the user interface.

3. Add the “Trigger Text” And “Trigger Phone Call” Buttons

The trigger text is a feature that allows you to select one or more keywords that will initiate a notification action and/or phone call.

Utilizing the “Trigger Text” button, you can specify additional search query terms that will be utilized as the context in emails or calls from your partner network.

4. Add the “Send Text Message” And “Send Phone Call” Buttons

These buttons give your users the ability to send out personalized messages or calls via text or phone call. This can be perfect for customer service inquiries or simply communicating with valued customers!

Utilizing Zapier’s computer software sharing platform, you can connect these text message and phone call functions on your white label program to create a seamless customer experience.

5. Add the “Send Email Message” And “Send Email Call” Buttons

You’ve created your email webinar tool, and now it’s time to make it truly convenient for attendees. To do so, simply add the Send Email Message and Send Email Call buttons – then prepare to be inundated with emails!

This is where your white-label software partner program comes into play! With Zapier, you can create an automated email message or phone call system with just a few clicks of your mouse.


Your white-label software partner program can be an indispensable tool for your business. It not only streamlines the onboarding process for new customers but also provides ample opportunities for those who maintain an existing clientele – allowing both parties to benefit!

Are you excited about the prospects of launching a white-label software partner program? Let us know in the comments section below!

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