How to Find an Activation Code for Disk Drill in Windows 10

On more than one occasion, I’ve been forced to scour the internet in search of an activation code for the Disk Drill. Fortunately, this process is not as arduous as it initially seemed – here’s how it’s done!

I am frequently asked if I have an activation code for Disk Drill. Unfortunately, I do not possess any such information; however, there are several simple steps that will enable you to locate the necessary key on your own accord.

Visit the Disk Drill Website Activation Code for Disk Drill in Windows 10

If you require an activation code for Disk Drill in Windows 10, no further action is required. Simply visit the Disk Drill website homepage and enter your email address associated with that account in order to obtain it.

You will be prompted to sign up for a Disk Drill account so that you may enjoy its benefits such as online collaboration and assessment tools.

Click the Sign Up Now button to Activation Code for Disk Drill in Windows 10

To begin the activation and installation process, click ‘Sign Up Now’ at the top of the page. Alternatively, one may just click anywhere else on the page – it doesn’t matter where!

Proceed to enter your email address and contact information; this is necessary in order to proceed with the activation.

Download and Install Disk Drill on Your Windows 10 PC

If you already own a copy of Disk Drill, then simply launch the installer and follow your instructions to begin the installation. If not then make sure to acquire one from the above link before proceeding.

Once Disk Drill is installed on your system, you’ll have access to its features like data recovery, file encryption, secure erasing, and more!

Register Disk Drill with Your Email Address

To complete the activation process for Disk Drill, an email address must be provided. You will then receive an automated response verifying your registration with a series of security codes that can be utilized to activate Disk Drill

Tap on ‘Activate’ in the app’s interface; this action displays a pop-up window prompting you for your email address. Enter the particulars into the input field located beneath it and press ‘Send’; then wait until an email notification arrives indicating that your registration has been successful!

Launch Disk Drill on Your Windows 10 PC

Launch Disk Drill on your Windows 10 PC. Click the ‘Start’ button located at the bottom-left corner of your screen and search for “Disk Drill”. Alternatively, navigate to its location using File Explorer or any other program of choice.

Once you locate and launch Disk Drill, it will appear in your system tray, allowing you to access it quickly should a need arise. To reveal the program’s full functionality and get started however – such as checking out existing disks or remastering them – simply click on the icon that appears when prompted by F8 keylogger hijacking messages.

Disk Drill Wizard in Windows 10

To complete the process of activating Disk Drill, you’ll need to enter an activation code. The Disk Drill Wizard will walk you through the necessary steps whereupon entering this string of numbers and letters will bring your tool into action immediately!

To activate Disk Drill in Windows 10, follow these steps:

Peruse the tools on hand – discover Disk Drill. Click Start – type disk drill – double-click it.

Disk Drill > Start a Free 30-Day Trial of Pro Version

If you possess a valid Disk Drill Pro activation code, simply click ‘Start Free Trial’ and enter your details. Once the process is complete – the app will be fully functional! To enhance its functionality further, feel free to unlock its advanced features by purchasing it at any time during this trial period.

If you don’t have an activation code or if your license has expired, don’t fret! You can easily obtain one through our activation tool.

Install the Disk Drill License Key

To access Disk Drill Personal Edition, simply launch the installer and proceed with the installation. Afterward, it is vital that you abide by its licensing terms (if applicable) before proceeding any further.

Once Disk Drill has been installed on your PC, go to Start > All apps > Disk Drill and click on the icon in the title bar to open its configuration utility. In this particular instance, let’s open the ‘License’ tab in order to obtain your activation code:

On this page, click on ‘Activate Key’ followed by inserting your key and clicking ‘Submit’.


To obtain a Disk Drill activation key, navigate to the ‘Key’ tab on the product’s webpage and input your preferred key. Once you’ve validated your purchase from within the app, it will be sent over to you via email along with detailed instructions on how to continue using it after installing it.

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