How to Activate a TruConnect Sim: Step-by-Step Instructions

If you have purchased a phone that utilizes a TruConnect SIM, then it’s imperative to activate the service!

In this guide, I’ll provide easy-to-follow instructions on how to activate your TruConnect sim.

1. Go to Your Phone and Log Into You Activate a TruConnect Sim

To sign in to your account, locate the icon on your phone and click on it. Your TruConnect account email address must be entered into this box as well as a password – do not leave these out!

If you have linked multiple accounts to your TruConnect number, simply log in with one of them.

2. Tap on the “Activate a TruConnect Sim” Link from Your TruConnect Dashboard

Once you are in possession of your desired SIM card, proceed to the TruConnect dashboard. Tap on the ‘Activate a New SIM’ link located at the top right corner of your screen.

Begin by selecting between the Standard or Premium plan, then fill out the required fields that correspond with those options in order to gain instant access to your new SIM card. Complete all necessary certifications so as to expedite any application process and get it done quickly – just like I did when creating an account for my AT&T account this time around!

3. Click on the “Manage Accounts” Link

After you have entered the necessary information and confirmed your identity, select the “Manage Accounts” menu option. TruConnect has an array of plans and offerings, but in all cases, they provide access to usernames and passwords that let one log into their account from anywhere.

This is where you can view usage stats for each plan and decide which works best for your needs. If you are unsure about choosing a fee plan for your SIM card, don’t fret – our step-by-step guide below should help!

4. Choose the “Add a New TruConnect Device” Button

If you’re sure that the SIM card is installed correctly and activated, then click the button marked Add a New TruConnect Device. Alternatively, if your plan allows for simultaneous use of more than one SIM card with this particular device – such as two cell phones or two tablets – simply add any additional cards accordingly.

After selecting an available SIM card from your inventory, select the ‘Add’ button.

5. Tap on the “Next” Button

When you’ve downloaded the Truconnect app, opened it, and confirmed your account details are correct – there must be no ambiguity regarding activating your SIM card in order to make connections.

Just tap on ‘Activate Now’ and complete the procedure. Fill out your personal information, then utilize the provided code when prompted; all this should take less than a minute!

6. Provide the Phone Number of Your New TruConnect Device

Finally, you will need to provide the number associated with your new SIM card.

Don’t fret if you forget or lose that piece of information; it can be easily re-established by calling Customer Care (1-855-288-8896) or accessing the TruConnect website within a few minutes.

7. Tap on the “Submit” Button

Tap on the “Submit” button at the bottom of your screen, and then validate that you wish to proceed with activation. This procedure will take place virtually instantaneously!

After activating your SIM card, it is important to keep abreast of the latest news about cellular traffic data collection by automakers. If not, be aware that this could result in an alarming notification such as one indicating that your vehicle’s telematics system has been activated.


Once you’ve successfully activated your TruConnect sim, the service can be utilized at any time with just a few simple steps. For example, if you find yourself in an emergency situation such as a car accident or medical emergency requiring immediate attention; simply call us and inform us of your situation. We will promptly dispatch a representative to render assistance free of charge!

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